Light the Night




2020 | 24 eps × 45 min


Bossdom Digiinnovation Co., Ltd.


+886-2-87976799 #572




The story of Rose and SUE began a long time ago, back when they were still young. One day, the wild and untamable John appears in their lives, and suddenly things are never the same again. As his presence causes cracks in the relationship between the two women to form, slowly the atmosphere begins to change as well at their co-owned Japanese bar, Hikari.
Then, on that fateful day, Mr. NAKAMURA walks into the bar to announce that SUE has said yes to his proposal. As everyone begins celebrating the good news, SUE is nowhere to be found. It’s only later that a news report reveals that an unidentified female corpse has been discovered by a nearby mountain path. Meanwhile, SUE’s whereabouts are still unknown…
Set in 1988, Light The Night tells the story of bar owners Rose and SUE, played by actresses Ruby LIN and Cheryl YANG respectively. Despite the support and care that both women provide for each other, they are inevitably swept up in drama and haunted by the ghosts of their past. This realistic telling of the times explores the lives of a group of women who work at Hikari, playing out each of their stories.