Who Killed Victoria?




2022 | 8 eps × 50 min


Sunshine And Moonlight Co., Ltd.
E.N. Lee






On the luxury flight to the simulation game city. A murder case, a body, a group of player suspects, a live streaming trial…The countdown begins…
The background is set in the era after years of technological development in the future. The human way of living is inseparable from the cyberworld and AI.
It started with a murder case, the death of a famous streamer and her disappeared body, which caught the attention of the public, going viral on the Internet.
Agent Ho-wu conceals his identity, taking undercover to the famous virtual game HQ “Moon Running Tower” for the investigation of the murder. However, during the visit to the HQ, he is trapped on the mysterious flight with multiple suspects, becoming the site of worldwide live streaming of revelation and public trial. The backgrounds of suspects are revealed one by one, In the midst of truth and lies, could the the killer be found out?
When netizens are fed with bulk information, human beings and AI are affected in their brains and hence the way to make choices and reactions. The artificial intelligence requiring internet connection owns larger internet resources than the human. However, in the modern society flooded with information, can we all tell right from the wrong? And, how do we make choices and judgement?