Fly The Jumper




2020 | 4 eps × 25 min


Studio76 Original Productions
Dennis Yang, Tristy Chang




ZHANG Jian-yi always dreams of being an outstanding basketball player. He scores 3-points from half-court easily but he cannot play long because he was diagnosed with a heart disease at the age of 11 years old. Since then, he has to hide his basketball dream behind the shooting machines and online basketball video games. He practice and practice and imagined one day he could become a sharp shooter like Stephen Curry…
When Stellar High School is recruiting new school basketball team members, Jian-yi knows his time has come. Team manager Yan-xi accidentally discovered Jian-yi’s amazing hit rate. She believed that Jian-yi was the savior of the Stellar High’s basketball team and warmly invited Jian-yi to join them. Jian-yi, who has a crush on Yan-xi for long, obsessed by her invitation and decided to join the school team without approvals from his parents. However, Jian-yi was rejected by coach Sha-mo for his weak body strength.
Suffered from struggle to win supports from his parents, his physical strength and being pushed outs by team mates, can Jian-yi bravely pursue his basketball dream ?