2049+ Voice Of Rebirth (TBD)


2049+ 絕處逢聲

YEAR & Eps & Duration

2021 | 6×12


姚孟軒 Mason YAO

Wei, a Zhentou (the leader of the parade) youngster. When his grandfather desperately needs money for medical attention, Wei decides to apply for historical landmark qualifications for the Fu Yan Temple left by his grandfather in order to make profits from construction company. He intends to become a nail household. He would even use Guan Jiang Shou mech to perform and cooperate with his neighbor Rainy in order to participate in the global singing and dancing competition, and enhance the art value of Fu Yan Temple.
Wei wants to obtain a huge amount of compensation from construction company, he betrays his favorite girl Rainy. Before Wei lose Rainy, he must understand the true meaning of faith and stand up to protect the disadvantaged tenants of Fu Yan community.