YEAR & Eps & Duration

2021 | 9×60


莊坤儒 Luke CHUANG
[email protected]
+886-2-2311-8000 #5611

The year 1949 has been a year of global development for Chinese people and after 70 years, the Chinese race still holds a certain influence in the world now in 2019. The background of 2049 is set in the future, a 100 years after 1949, with its motive of linking together different foreign nations by the Chinese industry. 2049 covers three mini stories, including “Perfect Prediction” for human beings controlling destiny through big data; “Hedgehog Rule” for finding pain in life through new consultative techniques, and “Conversation of Happiness” talking about whether communication aids can improve interpersonal relationships. The above is expected to present a imagination of the future in the areas of daily lives, technology, education, medical and even global situations.