3 Kingdoms



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2016-2021 | 360×60


袁文蘭 Alice YUAN
[email protected]

An outdoor reality guarantees overloading laughter and stress soothing. Get rid of the cliché two-team battle. No more home team vs. guest team, here come the 12 warriors Injustice! Disrespect! Impropriety! They will stop at nothing to win. Punch and kick; Off work is the only way out to survive the game!
After the barricade keeper announces the mission and location, every host draw a ball with number and they follow the order of number to complete the assigned mission. The first person completing the mission successfully can get off work in advance. Those who draw the lucky ball can draw the lucky card which may include plenty of money, diverse prizes, various props and funny punishment. Let’s get on the bus of 3 Kingdoms and hit the road now.