Be Loved in House



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2021 | 12×30


陳啟超 Alvin CHEN
[email protected]

He is always the righteous one, but when something unexpected happens to him, he is determined to be the first to stand up for his friend’s love.
The two are at odds with each other, but they live together under the same roof. A covenant of singleness disrupts everyone’s life, and when he returns to his place, he still has to face the unreasonable covenant of life. SHI Lei hopes that JIN Yu-zhen is not the new Art Director, or better yet, has never appeared before! The only way is to find out JIN Yu-zhen’s weaknesses and drive him out of his life as soon as possible. But no one expects that the more SHI Lei tries, the deeper he goes into Yu-zhen’s heart, and from then on there is no return…