Bo Knows Love



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2021 | 1×114


毛詩穎 Janice MAO
[email protected]
+886-2-8797-2879 #3272

LIANG Shan-bo is a well-known love coach in Asia. He’s also famous as a scenarist and a writer. But actually he has been single since birth in the real life! All the inspiration of creation comes from a single mom with a 9-year old boy called CHEN Yue-ling, living in the same building. No one knows that CHEN Yue-ling is just the only muse to LIANG Shan-bo, neither his 10-year agent like friend, ZENG Jian-hao, nor the uninvited roommate, FANG Xuan-xuan.
When Xuan-xuan accidentally finds out Shan-bo has a crush on CHEN Yue-ling. Xuan-xuan and Jian-hao decide to help Shan-bo to pursue Yue ling. Then suddenly, a big change comes to Shan-bo’s life.