Papa & Daddy



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2021 | 6×25


許藝齡 HSU Yi-Ling
[email protected]
+886-2-2377-9901 #219

The first Taiwanese gay family BL series
Damian, 38, is an overseas Taiwanese who came out of the closet, divorced his wife and returned to Taiwan to start anew and pursue his dream of opening his restaurant, Verso, with his older sister. While at Verso, he meets Jeff, 28, a YouTuber who is active online but still not out of his parents who live in rural Taiwan. Their relationship intensifies and Damian yearns to start a family, whilst Jeff is reluctant to take on parental duties at such an early age. Four years later and through surrogacy in the US, Damian and Jeff are now gay parents to a four year old boy. Jeff still has not come out to his parents and has now become a full time dad even though his parents still pressure him to marry a woman. Damian is busier than ever at Verso and their son Kai is just getting ready for pre-school.