Tears On Fire



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2021 | 10×60


童雅琴 TUNG Ya-ching
[email protected]

Tears on Fire is a rare production featuring firefighting profession in Taiwan, which portrays the life stories of four firefighters. From their daily work of firefighting, rescuing and practicing emergency services, they have not only witnessed various spectrums of Taiwan’s society, but also been forced to face their own life lessons.
ZHANG Zhi-yuan (Austin LIN) was diagnosed with PTSD after a failed rescue mission. XU Zi-ling (Annie CHEN) is the only female firefighter in the squad, and constantly encounters gender issues in the workplace. LIN Yi-yang (Liu Kuan-ting) is a guy full of sense of justice with fiery temper and kind heart. QIU Han-cheng (James WEN) is a loving husband, who often finds difficulties in balancing work and family life.