The Amazing World of Dr. Fang



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2020 | 26×24


戴學蓮 TAI Hsueh-line
[email protected]
+886-2-2898-9999 #1069

To explore the ecology of Taiwan and to unwrap the myths surrounding animals, this TV program, The Amazing World of Dr. FANG, uses a virtual studio and the 3D technology to bring animals back to life, so they can interact with the hosts in the studio. Taiwan is rich in natural resources. A group of people who never regret giving of themselves to protect the ecology of Taiwan. They also go to schools to protect Taiwan’s native species.
Are bats the original carriers of the new coronavirus? Does the rhino horn have a therapeutic property? Are owls the symbol of wisdom? Can the squids count? We will do the experiments with Dr. FANG’s assistant to find the truths!