The Making of An Ordinary Woman II



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2021 | 10×60


王文穎 Sharon WANG
[email protected]

Jia-ling’s the new house has finally completed. But she did not expect her housewarming party to become a surprise wedding proposal.
Jia-ling was told by her doctor that she is now entering premature menopause which left her no choice to try to do everything to keep her youth. Will she and CAI Yong-sen finally be together?
Jia-ling’s elder cousin has returned which is going to turn her whole world upside down. Will she be able to handle it?
Jia-ling’s dad met his first love again, which caused her mother run away from home, and even went to the police station to cry about her situation.
A road trip adventure filled with laughter and tears is about to begin. These three women will all find the gifts that life has provided them.