The Rappers



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2021 | 13×120


陳啟超 Alvin CHEN
[email protected]

The first live talent show program in Taiwan, that main act of the show is about hip-hop culture. The program brings together various hip-hop styles and combines them with local touches to showcase the diverse creative energy. In accordance with the theme of the show, greatest rappers and Mandarin artists are invited to perform with the contestants, hoping to bring the audience the most authentic listening experience through the show and to create the next hip-hop star with global influence.
The Rappers will feature a variety of themes (Rap Relay, one on one Battle, Sampling Showdown, etc.) and a four-stage competition schedule, from the global auditions, to the Breakouts, to the crossover collaborations, to the grand finale. Who will be the winner in this 90-day, 13-episode battle?