Working for a Crime Group as a Scriptwriter

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LIN Ting-yi

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Fantasy Foundation Publications

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Festivals & Awards

2021 The 43rd selection of books for elementary and middle school students by the Ministry of Culture.
2021 The adapted text working by both Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and film studios
2021 Book to Screen selected by Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA)

Participation Goal

Co-Production, Development for Scenario, Financing

Jealous, selfish and suspicious, adventures in a criminal organization will lead audience into a world that is both real and fantastical.

After rewriting many of the clients’ lives, Ho King Shing still remembers his goal and that is to find out the murderer who killed his girlfriend Shizuori in that car accident. By chance, he reconnected with Liu Xiaoyu, a mutual friend of Shizuori, and both Shizuori and Liu Xiaoyu are the finest actresses in the troupe. Liu Xiaoyu decided to leave the troupe after suffering a big blow from Shizuori’s accidental death, and now she is working as a waitress in the nightclub, at the same time secretly performing in a small unknown underground troupe making money for a living. After knowing Liu Xiaoyu still has a passion for acting and her situation, Ho King Shing offers to rewrite her life, but Liu Xiaoyu did not take it seriously and thinks it is a fairy tale that Ho King Shing made up to comfort her.

After a while, Liu Xiaoyu wondered whether she should take the offer for real or not, and after being persuaded by Ho King Shing, she finally revealed that she was the one who should take responsibility for that car accident. The truth put Ho King Shing into a difficult situation he cannot believe the murderer he kept searching for is his best friend. On the other hand, Liu Xiaoyu is afraid of standing on the stage again because of the guilt.

Two of them meet at the Izakaya in the middle of the night, and Ho King Shing has written two versions of the life script for Liu Xiaoyu; one is Shizuori’s life script another is her own life script to let Liu Xiaoyu pick randomly. If she chooses Shizuori’s life script, then she will have to face an accidental death. In the contract, if she chooses her own life, then everything remains the same, including the difficulties she is facing. After picking up one of the life scripts, she steps into the Dark Fern House.

It looks like the director of the Dark Fern House has waiting for Liu Xiaoyu for a while. When everyone thought the life script she chose was Shizuori’s version, Ho King Shin revealed the secret that there is only one life script which is Liu Xiaoyu’s life script. The thing is that choosing the life script is a prank set up by Ho King Shin as a way to revenge on Liu Xiaoyu by lying to her about the situation she will face. He never wants Liu Xiaoyu to face death. After knowing the truth, the director who really wants to see Liu Xiaoyu’s death eventually vanishes in the Dark Fern House.

In the end, after the producer explains everything to him, Ho King Shin finally realizes that the “director” is himself, it is a personality he created to take revenge for the murderer who killed his girlfriend in that car accident, and it is this personality who found the Dark Fern. After a while, Ho King Shin decides to take over the director’s position and use the organization’s money to help Liu Xiaoyu return to her beloved stage.




LIN Ting-yi


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