TAICCA and Taiwan Animation Have More to Offer at Annecy 2022

Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) opens the online Taiwan Pavilion at 2022 Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market (Mifa) from June 13th to June 18th, as the global industry is eager to rebound after two years of the pandemic. The lineup from Taiwan includes nearly 40 projects from 27 studios, original stories from publishers, as well as a digital asset library that can streamline animation development and production.

Key Visual of Taiwan Pavilion at 2022 Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market


Animations from Taiwan have received more international recognition in recent years for their artistic achievements and outstanding delivery. Samsara by Hsin-Chien HUANG, for example, won Best VR Story at Cannes XR, and Red Tail Ep.1 was just awarded at NewImages Festival in France this month. Both titles are present at the online Taiwan Pavilion.


TAICCA and public entities like the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan are also committed to supporting animators in their creative journeys. “Studios in Taiwan have been commissioned by American and Japanese productions for years, which is a testimony to their skills and capabilities,” said TAICCA CEO Izero LEE. “We encourage Taiwan creators to tell their own stories; and TAICCA has designed multiple programs, such as Taiwan’s International Co-funding Program (TICP), to enable international collaborations and stimulate cross-disciplinary exchanges. “Project to Screen: Animation” pitching sessions are also featured in our annual Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF), where we present international buyers the best contents from Taiwan every November.“


Various Works at Taiwan Pavilion_(Top left to bottom right) Samsara, Red Tail Ep.1, Grandma and Her Ghosts 2 – Baby Power, Under the Medal, Extravagantly Ordinary Night and My Grandmother Is an Egg

Two publishers from Taiwan, CommonWealth Education, and Global Kids Books are also featured in the “Meet the Publishers” program. The publishers select 4 books suitable for animation adaptations across genres and demographics, and introduce them to thousands of international exhibitors online and offline through the meetings and networkings during the event. To lower production thresholds, TAICCA also operates Taiwan Digital Asset Library, which is another feature in the Taiwan Pavilion this time to offer cutting-edge 3D modeling technology for local and international creators. All these efforts aim to highlight what’s available in Taiwan, from illustrated books, production materials, to adaptation opportunities, at this annual summit for global animation industries since 1985.