Way of Soup




2022 | 12 eps × 50 min


Sunshine And Moonlight Co., Ltd.
E.N. Lee






In Chinese mythology, people in their after life will take the soup served by Meng Po in order to forget past memories and be ready for the reincarnation.
Tang in his afterlife wakes up by the lost and found for souls in front of the train station. All passengers are lining up to be served for their soup and assigned to next destinations. Tang’s spirit is experiencing memory loss. He cannot find his name on the menu and has to stay in the lost and found, helping around the kitchen.
Chief Meng tries to examine Tang’s memory to track his soup but soon find out Tang’s amnesia exceeds three past lives and thus exceeds her capability. Intending to continue investigating, Meng uses her interest in Tang’s excellent cooking skills as excuse to keep him around. Through her search, the secrets of her own pasts are interlaced with the whereabout of Tang’s soup and being revealed. Meng turns out to be the real lost soul, stuck in this lost and found. With Tang’s help, she finally recalls who she was.
Spirits must carry on their journey when memories were found. Tang and Meng each step toward their next destination with the memory of each other, hoping to reunite in another life.