Little Big Women




2020 | 123 min


2020 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, 2019 Excellent Screenplay Award, 2017 Golden Horse Film Project Promotion


Distribution Workshop (BVI) Limited – Weslee HUANG




On Shoying’s 70th birthday, she receives the shocking news of her long-lost husband, Bo-chang’s death. What’s worse, there is another woman, TSAI, who stayed by Bo-chang till his last breath. A merry reunion now turns into a ten-day wake, an unfortunately perfect time for the family to face their complicated mother-daughter relationships. Ching, the oldest of the three daughters, has learned to downplay everything in her life to deal with an intrusive mother as Sho-ying. Yu, the perfect middle child, finds herself at odds with Sho-ying regarding her teenage daughter. Jia-jia, the youngest, fights Sho-ying to fulfill her father’s dying wish to come home. The three daughters remind Shoying of Bo-chang in different ways. She goes on the quest to find out who TSAI is. Will Sho-ying get the closure she has longed for all her life?


Born and raised in Taiwan, Joseph Chen-chieh HSU received his science degree in Engineering and System Science from NTHU. Starting as screenwriter, Joseph then found his passion in film directing. He later attended New York University Tisch Asia and acquired his MFA in Film Production. He was an alumnus at Talents Tokyo in 2014 and Kyoto Filmmaker Lab in 2015.​ Joseph participated in over 20 short films’ productions in South Korea, Japan, Nepal, Singapore and Taipei.
His short film Reunion won the Golden Award at the first Taiwan Short Film Festival in 2013. His documentary short People’s Champ screened at Shnit International Film Festival in Switzerland in 2013. His short film The Lobster Kid (2015) received a post-production grant from NYU, and won the Best Short Film at Los Angeles Pan Pacific Film Festival.​ His latest short film Guo Mie (2017) was selected for the 2017 Student Academy Awards Finalist. His debut feature, Little Big Women received the Excellent Screenplay Award presented by Taiwan Film Institute in 2018. Little Big Women will be release in Taiwan in November 2020.


PRODUCER Jacqueline W. LIU, Tiffany Yu-chia CHEN|CAST CHEN Shu-fang, HSIEH Ying-xuan, Vivian HSU|PRODUCTION COMPANY Each Other Films