Dusk Diver



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2019 Famitsu Awards


A fantastical adventure of a high-school girl in Ximenting.


Chapter 1: High-school girl Yang Yumo is supposed to meet with classmates at Ximenting, but she accidentally runs into the evil underworld. After being saved by the guardian stone lion Leo, she starts to take actions in protecting Ximenting.

Chapter 2: Yumo goes to Heixiong Convenient Store. This conventional place is surprisingly the location of the deities that keep Ximenting safe.

Chapter 3: Yumo starts to stand against demons from the underworld, but she also notices that the demons have started to develop self-awareness.

Chapter 4: Yumo meets another guardian, the bat Bahe.

Chapter 5-6: Rescue guardian Liweida is abducted by demons.

Chapter 7-8: The demons are actually controlled by unknown forces.

Chapter 9-10: Everything is related to a little girl named Nemeya.

Chapter 11-12: As Ximenting and the underworld start to merge, daily life comes under threat. Yumo finds out that the underworld is actually a control system created by Kunlun deities to capture demons. In response to growing issues, they use an “autonomous computing unit” to operate the underworld, which develops into Nemeya. With learning capabilities, she observes all kinds of human beings, and builds up an ego and desire for freedom. In the end, Yumo and the guardians decide to wage an ultimate battle against Nemeya.


Yang Yumo: This high-school girl about to take her college exams stays away from trouble. She learns to persevere after some challenging years in the family. She doesn’t feel special in her capabilities, but her parents claim that her great-great-great-grandfather had supernatural powers.

Leo: This guardian is assigned to Ximenting by Kunlun deities. It also manages crises in the underworld. To integrate into society, he has been working part-time at a store. He is outgoing and helpful, but still learning to be comfortably alone in a dessert shop.

Liweida: This blonde from Kunlun enjoys and stays in the human world. She accidentally becomes a master in the surrounding waters, and also models sometimes.



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