Ancient Civilization in Seabed ─ Empire of the Sun



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2021 | 1×120


傅瑩貞 FU Ying-jane
[email protected]

Legend has it that the solar empire on the ancient civilization Mu continent millions of years ago was cursed by the gods and incurred destruction due to the self-expansion and greed of the rulers and people. The priestess who was able to communicate with God left a gem, hoping that future generations could dig the gem to save the ancient civilization.
WANG Xiang-yang, a professor of archaeology at Lanyang University, excavated the outer wall of the sunken castle while snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean. While exploring the ancient city under the sea with Shouhui, the Commissioner of the Cultural Affairs Bureau who is organizing the aboriginal festival, he accidentally crossed to the solar empire. The boss CHEN also coveted the wealth of the sun empire. The group embarked on a journey through adventure.