East Journey



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2022 | 20×45


楊大立 YANG Da-li
[email protected]

Poverty is not shameful, but you are the real loser if you lose your imagination!
This is a different world created by the united space-time leader for the poor to practice!
A group of men and women enter this different world for their own purposes to practice force, challenge the limit, and embark on an extraordinary journey. With all kinds of nonsensical monsters and unrestricted funny props, experiencing various situations in the village of true monsters, a series of terrifying, treacherous, deviant, warm and touching, or even absurdly hilarious good luck and troubles are waiting for the protagonist and his happy, fighting partners to overcome! With the adventurous process, they have changed from strangers to indispensable comrades in arms, but at the same time cruel secrets and bad luck impacts follow one after another. To the east of the east city is the only clue and goal.