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It’s very creative in approaching dissociative identity disorder and cloning technology. Cases in different times are intricately connected together via implicit threads.

Retired criminal detective Shi Tien is always concerned about the resolved “Tragedy in Twin Village”. After the mysterious Yao Shi-Jie offers new clues, they reboot the investigation with a new female officer Liang Yu-Bing. They go to the village together and meet with the Lin family. However, a new death emerges as they arrive. People discover a body holding a puppet in a log cabin. When the police arrive at the site, the cabin is surrounded by water, so people cannot enter or leave. Police officers consult with Shi Tien, and exchange their intelligence. One evening, Shi Tien and Liang Yu-Bing are locked in the basement by the Lin family, and they accidentally notice an old journal with family secrets. It documents how five people were killed, and where the Lins secretly hoarded their gold. It turns out that the Lins have twins in each generation, and these twins always inherit family assets together. During the uncivilized times, some twins even got married to each other which led to many family and ethical tragedies. Rather than being shared by both families, assets were annexed by one of the twins. Descendants also used the tea shop as a cover, enriched themselves with the opium trade, and hid the gold in the basement.

On the other hand, writer Leng Yan has lost his memories after witnessing an incident. He often has illusions about other people resembling himself. When he hears about “Tragedy in Twin Village”, he feels connected to personal conditions, and collects a lot of information, before visiting Yunlin. He realizes the village head had a psychotic brother who tortured animals and intruded on Leng Yan’s home. He mutilated Leng Yan’s brother in front of him. Under such a shock, Leng Yan lost his memories and didn’t recall he was one of the triplets. His other brother turns out to be Yao Shi-Jie who investigates the case with Shi Tien.

While Leng Yan is exploring the old case, Yao Shi-Jie is looking for revenge. After the police identifies that Yao Shi-Jie commits the crime in the log cabin, Leng Yan is arrested wrongfully due to physical resemblance. With no other solutions, Leng Yan confesses his lost memories and connections with Yao Shi-Jie. The story is divided into three threads: The tragedy of Twin Village, the family tragedy in the Lin family, and the puppet murder. Every move offers a necessary fragment to another case and drives the story forward.



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