Go Go Giwas Season 3 : New Classmate


吉娃斯愛科學 第三季:新同學來了

YEAR & Eps & Duration

2020 | 40×11


蘇怡婷 Nola SU
[email protected]

Go Go Giwas is the animated TV series with 3 seasons, including 40 11-minute episodes with 4K resolution. In the story of Go Go Giwas, the main character, Giwas, keeps learning new knowledge and cultural wisdom in the hope of becoming the first female leader in her tribe. In the Flying Squirrel School, the teacher Bayan, who is also everyone’s friend, help Giwas and her companions learn science and the indigenous wisdom through inquiry in the context of their tribal village life. Sometimes, a mischievous monkey named Nainai makes troubles for them. Their story with laughter and tears makes scientific knowledge interesting, vivid and practical.