Her Secret Love



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2020-2021 | 12×45


陳星宇 CHEN Hsing-yu
[email protected]

Linda’s twin brother, John is deeply in debt. In order to settle the debt for her brother, Linda disguised as her brother and married the rich daughter, Coco. On the wedding night, Linda was in a dilemma. Coco’s secretary, Tony noticed Linda’s strange behavior and suspect that Linda is a gay man. Meanwhile Tony started to develop feelings for Linda.
King, who has been a long term business competitor with Coco accidentally discovered Linda is in fact a woman. While enjoy watching this travesty unfold, King always managed to help Linda at her dire time. While having enough trouble with both men, little did Linda know that Coco who at first was using her to get her inheritance has also fallen in love with Linda. In the middle of this complicated love relationships, how should Linda find her happiness?