Here Comes Fortune Star



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2020 | 80×60


陳啟超 Alvin CHEN
[email protected]

They say you can’t have both love and bread. If my boyfriend is a god of wealth, can I have an all-you-can-eat love affair?
As soon as XIA Tian-qin takes over the hotel founded by her father, she is faced with an unprecedented crisis. The only person who can save her is a mysterious naked man who popped out of her closet – ZHAO Zi-mo!
In order to return to Heaven, the God of Wealth, ZHAO Zi-mo, was sent down to earth to fulfill his past destiny. With his memory unsealed bit by bit, he finally discovers that his past life, which could not be washed away even with the soup of forgetfulness, is hiding such a deep regret.