HIStory4 Close to You


HIStory4 近距離愛上你

YEAR & Eps & Duration

2021 | 10×45


吳佳樺 WU Chia-hua
[email protected]
+886-2-2719-6620 #260

XIAO Li-cheng wants to pursue his first love LIU Mei-fang again. In the process of his pursuit, he unwittingly discovers her hobby, she likes BL!
In order to please LIU Mei-fang, Li-cheng starts to get touchy with his buddy. It started out being awkward but slowly became an ordinary thing. Going forwards, heterosexual besties turn into homosexual lovers…is it really ok?
Medical school’s top student FU Yong-jie, has liked his step-brother YE Xing-si for almost 10 years, and this love has become an obsession over the years. He knows that Xing-si holds his step-father in great importance and does not want to break his heart, so from the time he made up his mind to really own Xing-si, he started to set up a plan, and on the day he turned 20, he initiates his plan to stop him escape from the palm of his hand!