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This fantastic thriller filled with dramatic tension explores the issues we face today, including online interpersonal relationships, social withdrawal and cybercrime.

Logging into the video game is how he escapes from the “signal” to survive, but it is how she walks into a deadly trap.

When he was in school, Chen Hsin-han was a straight-A student and regarded by everyone as a winner in life. However, at the age of twenty, he had a car accident and since then, he has gained a supernatural power that allows him to see the signal of death – black fog emitting from those who are about to die.

One evening, Hsin-han sees his boss shrouded in black fog but misses the chance to save him. Hsin-han blames himself to such an extent that he becomes frightened of going out and confines himself to his home, relying on his parents. Such a dramatic change in him attracts criticism from others and his family finds it difficult to accept. Hsin-han escapes from reality by playing an online video game and falls for a girl called “Hsi-li” who he meets in it. She is a thoughtful person and a good listener.

One day, Hsi-li tells Hsin-han that she is leaving the game and would like to meet him in real life before she logs out. Hsin-han forces himself to go out and just before they say goodbye, he sees black fog emitting from her. Hsin-han is used to avoiding not only the signal by confining himself to his home but the pain after seeing it. But this time, the signal comes from a girl he likes and that puts him in a dilemma. Having struggled with himself, Hsin-han musters the courage to go out again, deciding not to repeat the mistake he made with his boss.

Since their meeting, Hsi-li has gone missing. Her family and friends come to Hsin-han for help and together, they go searching for her. Their investigation leads them to the conclusion that Hsi-li is likely to have been lured into “The School”, an internet organization known for manipulating the users; as a group of expert pick-up artists, they even coerce teenagers into making self-harm videos, and that is what may put Hsi-li’s life in danger. While trying to rescue Hsi-li, Hsin-han meets Wu Shu-yen, a journalist who aims to expose “The School.” Later Hsin-han finds out that Shu-yen has not only a strong sense of justice but also a supernatural power that allows her to will people to do what she asks them to do.

Eventually, they manage to find Hsi-li and save her. Nonetheless, the mastermind behind “The School” is still out there and this evil organization remains active. Hsin-han decides to move out of his parent’s home and join Shu-yen. He wants to make the best of his talents to help more victims escape from “The School”.



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Sharleen LIU


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