Mad Doctor



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2021 | 10×60


童雅琴 TUNG Ya-ching
[email protected]

Comedy series, Mad Doctor tells a story of a female surgeon who has lost her motivation to exercise surgery for patients.
She decides to work in a small hospital in the countryside, running away from her dark past. She experiences all kinds of unbelievable incidents, from patients injured by a crush of a pig to a bite of a penguin. Killer whales and crocodiles are also in the list of wrongdoers.
However, in this small hospital, where medical staff are as helpless as those in the big urban hospitals, the female surgeon restores her passion of being a medical practitioner. With her special skills and perseverance, she changes the medical conditions of the village, and regains the strength and passion she used to have on life and medical practices.