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The adaptation rights of the first volume for Chinese-language TV series have been authorized, and the first season is now under development.

Wang, Ya-Hui is the daughter of the president of the Legislative Yuan and the leader of the Yamada-kai, Wang, Zheng-Long. She has always aimed to be a human rights lawyer who upholds justice since she was a child. After many years of failure, she finally passed the exam and entered a law firm. However, just before her internship was about to come to an end, her client committed suicide, leading her to great frustration.

With encouragement from her family and friends, Ya-Hui decided to set up her own law firm and hired Lin, Jun-Yan as her assistant. She took advantage of her connections and resources from the gang and the legal world and gradually regained her faith in justice and law. However, her relationship with Lin wasn’t as ideal as she thought. Lin disappeared without any sign the day after their officially being together.

After a while, Lin showed up with a new identity in front of everyone, as the boyfriend of the renowned international violinist, Fang, Kai-Sei, the daughter of the current president, Fang, Yao-Min, to launch his revenge plan. He found an opportunity to sneak into Fang’s house and collected the president’s criminal evidence with the help of a former international police officer. Meanwhile, Wang, Zheng-Long was set up by the president; he and his housekeeper were charged with money laundering and other crimes.

Lin disclosed the president’s criminal evidence through media and the Internet step by step, putting himself in a fatal situation. Luckily, Ya-Hui and others came in time to send him to the hospital. Lin then confessed everything to Ya-Hui and told her his real feelings towards her.

Finally, with the efforts of Ya-Hui and others, her father was acquitted. After Fang stepped down from his position as the president, he was charged and detained, and then committed suicide at the end. Wang arranged a trip to visit his housekeeper in Myanmar, and it turned out that Wang was the one behind carefully planning everything.

After all the ups and downs, Ya-Hui finally realized that people and law both have their limits and she would keep trying to realize legal justice for her clients with the power and help from her gang family.




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