The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters – Gaining Wisdom Beyond the Chinese Characters (English Version)


《悠遊字在》-向漢字學習 開啟新智慧(英文版)

YEAR & Eps & Duration

In Production 製作階段 | 26×12


吳勇德 WU Yung-te
[email protected]

Chinese characters are more than just words. Being passed down from the heaven, every single character has its own history, a story, and a pearl of wisdom for mankind.
This program uses animation to break down Chinese characters into components, bringing back the origin, the history and the culture behind every character. The joy of learning is further enhanced by turning complicated characters of the Oracle Bone Script into beautiful images, allowing people to further grasp the wisdom of every single character.
As a result, learning Chinese characters is a journey that is filled with the wonder of traditional Chinese culture.