We Can Get Married Now, So?



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2022 (In Production) | 10×60


謝禮如 HSIEH Li-lu
[email protected]

CHOU, HONG, HU and LIN are veterans of gay equal rights movement. They have been friends since university. 25 years ago, they participated in the LGBTQ equal rights movement.
The love they were fighting for gave them both ecstasy and deepest sorrow, as all loves do. The equal rights now they have when applied to real scenarios in life creates arguments, manipulations, some predicaments and delightful surprise! The issues involveds in surrogate mother for children, dating apps, the difference between families from cities or small towns, and the solitude of taking care bedridden parents, which is more severe if you are gay.
Despite all these, they stride forward on the road of marriage. The fruit of happiness is sweeter after we earned it together! There is always a rainbow after the storm, right?