Who Killed Her



YEAR & Eps & Duration

2020-2021 | 1×90


陳星宇 CHEN Hsing-yu
[email protected]

The twin sisters of YE were forced to separate forever by an accident.@@To find out the real murderer who killed her sister, YE Xin, the elder sister, disguised herself as her younger sister, YE Qing, who suffered from Asperger syndrome and went undercover at her sister’s school to seek revenge. During the secret investigation, Xin realized that her one and only sister was bullied all the time.
Therefore, she made up her mind to take revenge. In the meantime, she discovered that her sister’s death was related to the sexual harassment committing by her father a decade ago. Under the public pressure, Xin had to find out the truth as soon as possible while preventing someone from trying to expose her real identity and put her in danger…